Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

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Eggs Yolk White Separator

Eggs Yolk White Separator. Eggbeater Laying Method with holder Color :Pink Style :Egg Divider Materi..

Rs.190.00 Ex Tax: Rs.190.00

Finger Protectors

Finger Protectors Color :White Style :Plain Material :Plastic Feature :Eco-Friendly Occasion :Regula..

Rs.170.00 Ex Tax: Rs.170.00

Silicone Chocolate Mold

Silicone Chocolate Mold Color :Brown Style :Cartoon Material :Rubber Usage :Chocolate mold Feature :..

Rs.400.00 Ex Tax: Rs.400.00

Creative Rice Filter Tool

Creative Rice Filter Tool Color :Rose Style :Kitchen Accessories Material :Plastic Usage :Filter Fea..

Rs.366.00 Ex Tax: Rs.366.00

Creative Orange Peelers Zesters

Creative Orange Peelers Zesters Color :Orange Style :Little mouse Orange Cutter Peeler Material :Pla..

Rs.142.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.00

Wooden Cup Mats - 1 pcs

Wooden Cup Mats - 1 pcs Color :Sandal Style :Shape Irregular Material :Wooden Usage :Cup Mats Featur..

Rs.238.00 Ex Tax: Rs.238.00

Carry Bags Tools

Carry Bags Tools Color :Orange Style :Plain Material :Plastic Usage :Miscellaneous things carry Feat..

Rs.172.00 Ex Tax: Rs.172.00

Vegetable and Fruits Slicer

Vegetable and Fruits Slicer Color :Green Style :Fashion Material :Plastic Usage :Vegetable & Fruit S..

Rs.368.00 Ex Tax: Rs.368.00

Watermelon Cutter / Slicer (Available Color Will Be Shipped)

• Cuts 12 Uniform slices • Suitable for all types of fruits • Steel blades • Centre cutout for ea..

Rs.630.00 Ex Tax: Rs.630.00

Fruit Carving Knife

Fruit Carving Knife Color :Yellow Style :Kitchen Accessories Usage :Fruit Spoon Ice Cream Dessert So..

Rs.228.00 Ex Tax: Rs.228.00

Ball Shape Sandwich Maker Tool

Ball Shape Sandwich Maker Tool Color :White Style :Plain Material :Plastic Usage :Stocked,Disposable..

Rs.314.00 Ex Tax: Rs.314.00

Strawberry Shape Tea Filter

Strawberry Shape Tea Filter. Number of glazed 3 Color :Red Style :Fashion Usage :Tea Filter Feature ..

Rs.236.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.00

Hand Blender - Battery Operated (Available Color Will Be Shipped)

Best for Whisking Chaas, Lassi, Sherbet, Yogurt, Cold Cafe , Milk Shakes FROTHER ~ PRODUCT cordless ..

Rs.290.00 Ex Tax: Rs.290.00

Water Filtering Basket

Water Filtering Basket. Number of Tiers is Dual Holder Surface Finishing Plastic Product Category ..

Rs.318.00 Ex Tax: Rs.318.00

Water Pouring

Water Pouring Color :Light Green Style :Fashion Material :Nylon Feature :Eco-Friendly Occasion :Regu..

Rs.224.00 Ex Tax: Rs.224.00

Fancy Egg Slicer

Fancy Egg Slicer. Eggbeater Laying Method Hand Color :Pink and blue Style :Egg Slicer Material :Plas..

Rs.358.00 Ex Tax: Rs.358.00